Both Sides of the Fence Podcast

About the Podcast

Kim has seen and heard it all from her personal to professional life.  She will give the view from the side of the fence about the law and the Department Of Corrections, even though she does not always agree on how things are done.  Kim is here to help EVERYONE!

Jamie will bring the inside prospective of a man who was once a number on the inside and is now learning how to be a better man on the outside of the fence.  He was taught and believes that “Learning is an inner process”.  

At one point in his supervision Kim became Jamie’s supervising Agent.  They built a trusting relationship, while each one learned about the other side of the fence!

Kim Malone

Kim Malone is a retired Probation and Parole Agent after 20+ years.  She has been married for 24 years and has 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. She learned a lot about herself and other people that helped her become a better Agent over the years.  Kim has started her own business, Reality Check By Kim, to help young people understand the law, criminal justice system and the real world.  She is currently working with the Urban League and Milwaukee Public Schools.  

Jamie DeJesus

Jamie DeJesus is ex-offender, who at 42 years old has been in the system since he was 19.  He is the father of 2 adult children and is engaged to the woman who supported him since his release.  In 2015, he was blessed with the opportunity of being in a CNC Bootcamp at RCI which changed his life.  Jamie is now an Instructor in this same program.  He shares his story to give others the hope and drive to want to do better in their lives.  It also helps him heal from his pass.

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